Parco naturale delle Prealpi Giulie

Ta Lipa Pot

The "beautiful road" through the heart of Resia

Starting point: Stolvizza di Resia

Travel time: 2 h 30 m (long trail), 1 h 30 m (short trail)

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 10 km (long trail), 6 km (short trail)

Difference in altitude: 200 m

The permanent circular itinerary "Ta Lipa Pot" ("the beautiful road" in the Resian language) starts and finishes in the hamlet of Stolvizza di Resia, providing an opportunity to come in contact with the environment, culture and history of Val Resia. A natural itinerary that winds along the trails around the town, in an unspoiled area of unmatched tranquillity. The paths pass through places rich in history and mountain culture, and then cross spaces of rare beauty and richness of traditions.

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