Parco naturale delle Prealpi Giulie


In the Park area there is a cohabitation of faunal species of southern, circum-Mediterranean and eastern origin. All the Alpine ungulates are present in the area (roebuck, deer, chamois, steenbok and wild boar) as well as important Mammalians such as the wild cat, different species of Mustelidae, Rodents and Insectivores.

In the last years a large number of reports on footprints and sightings of the brown bear and the lynx has confirmed their presence in the Val di Uccea, Val di Musi and Val Venzonassa.

Avifauna records 100 species, among which 89 are surely nesting birds, the other 11 are probably nesting; quite a few are birds of prey (eagle owl, tawny owl, Tengmalm’s owl, golden eagle, goshawk, buzzard, griffon), all the Tetraonides (capercaillie, black grouse, snow-grouse, hazel hen) and different species of Corvidae, Picidae and Passeriformes.

The Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca), the symbol of the Julian Prealps Natural Park, is well diffused thanks to the extent of suited environments on the southern slopes.

Thanks to the extreme changeability of the Park landscape also amphibians, reptiles, insects find here ideal conditions for their life and are therefore well represented, and arouse the interest of enthusiasts and researchers.

For further information see the Park publications (pubblicazioni).

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