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The publication of “La vegetazione forestale e la silvicoltura nella Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia” (Forest Vegetation and Silviculture in the Region FVG) by Del Favero, Poldini and others (1998), edited by the Regional Forest Direction, has defined the environmental and cultivation factors, as well as the referring terminology to be used in identifying, studying and mapping the regional forest typologies. Therefore all directives that are onwards issued on forest planning and management make reference to the same typologies.  

The Park Authority has commissioned a study to identify forest typologies present on its territory according to the new criteria.

The following diagram shows the areas of the 11 identified forest units, as well as the percentages of each unit with respect to the category it belongs, and the percentage of each category towards the total wooded area in the investigated territory.

What outstands at first glance is the dominance of beech woods (which altogether reach 59.96% of the total wooded area) and woods of Austrian pine and Scotch fir (21.51%), while other formations, among which woods of mountain pine are outstanding for their width (6.45%), are extended over decisively smaller areas.

For further information see the Park publications (pubblicazioni).

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