Parco naturale delle Prealpi Giulie


The evolution of the Alpine Region during millenniums has remarkably characterised the Park area, so that features of fluvial morphology are next to other typically glacial ones in a relatively small space.

Antique glacial arcs are still visible and still perfectly conserved in the upper side of valleys; in the immediate northern neighbourhood of M. Canin peak a small residual of glacier is still extant, as well.

In the valley floors there are numerous gorges and drops of river flows that give shape to spectacular rapids and waterfalls, among which the falls of Fontanone Barman and Fontanone Goriuda are particularly impressive.

The karst type morphology finds its widest development in the plateau of Foran dal Mus, at the foot of M. Canin. All the typical, both superficial and deep, phenomena are represented here. The first ones, in the surface, create a real karst garden. The second ones, in depth, are particularly remarkable near the hill Col delle Erbe, where there are the deepest cavities in the area, some of which more than 1000 m deep.

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