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The Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park and the Park Authority were established on 30.09.1996 by the Regional Law (Lr) 42.
But this was only the last act of a journey that lasted over two decades. Talking of a protected area in the Julian Alps indeed started in the ’70s and the first concrete response could be found in the 1978 Regional General Town-planning, when a large area between Gemona, Taipana and the Resia Valley was identified and mapped to accommodate one of the largest regional parks (the Town-planning  provided for as many as 11 of them).

In the ’80s the debate on parks was very heated between proponents and opponents in the whole region. Despite the approval of the first regional frame law on the subject in 1983, that brought up to a complicated start in the establishment of protected areas and to a continuous changing of the proposed perimeters.
The Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park, significantly reduced in comparison with its initial size, started to run in the late ’80s prior to its formal establishment. It was then partly managed by a coordinating committee among the five municipalities (Chiusaforte, Moggio Udinese, Resia, Resiutta and Venzone) that had undertaken activities to promote environmental education and to restore old dairies aimed at welcoming visitors and hikers.
These were years when the Conservation and Development Plan was on a continuous trial for application that did not  reach a final approval.
In the early '90s the debate on protected areas became heated again in the region, and that brought to the approval of a new law called "Rules on Regional parks and natural reserves" in 1996.

Such a provision ultimately marked the birth and official establishment of the park with those features it still has, considering also the inclusion of a portion of the municipality of Lusevera within its perimeter.
In 1999 the Program Agreement between the Regional Government and the 6 involved municipalities set out the guidelines for planning the first years of the Park Authority that onwards became fully operational, which would have enabled it to manage all the activities and initiatives that still characterize this protected area.

For further information see the Park publications (pubblicazioni).

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