Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie

Transboundary Parks

The Regional Nature Park of the Julian Prealps and the Triglav Narodni Park was recognized as a protected area in 2009 by the Federation of European cross-border Europarc within the project "Transboundary Parks"

The Transboundary Ecoregion of the Julian Alps is the official name of the territory involved, including the two parks but also the area of the Slovenian MAB Unesco "Julian Alps". The certification confirms the close collaboration between the two companies confirms the goodness of the common work done to date that has affected many areas of intervention. Currently contacts and meetings between the staffs of the two parks have involved almost daily basis. The recognition is based on a desire to overcome, as well as for nature, the administrative boundaries, especially along the border, which for centuries has been the site of closures and conflicts. This event created a strong signal to try to combine with concrete acts environment, peace and sustainable development.

in support of the certification, subject to review every five years, the two parks have agreed on a program for the near future mainly revolves around these themes:

- Design of a common brand for the Ecoregion Julian Alps;
- Creation of a promotional brochure common Slovene, Italian, English and German;
- Definition of common ecosystems and determination of activities of joint monitoring of particular plant and animal species (EU projects);
- Support for a wider cooperation in the activities of school groups and Junior Rangers;
- Technical and social meetings of the representatives of the Parks once a year;
- Meeting of the Steering Committee - twice a year - for a comprehensive evaluation of the work made and to outline the future plans of work together;
- Exchange of personnel and / or experts.

Currently there are 19 protected areas in Europe

officially involved in the project for a total of 9 cross-border areas.

The Julian Prealps Nature Park is the only Italian to have won the award.


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The Transboundary Ecoregion of the Julian Alps

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